Use of Facial Recognition by Delhi Police

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Use of Facial Recognition by Delhi Police
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Deployment Status Ongoing
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Start (1 March 2018, Documented, , No description)

City New Delhi
Country India
Involved Entities Innefu Labs Pvt. Ltd
Technology Deployed Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS)
Information Certainty Documented
Primary sources 1
Datasets Used Aadhaar Database, Identification of missing children/persons, Sarathi Database (Driving License), Unidentified Dead Bodies Database (UIDB), Voter ID Database
Deployment Type Crime Prevention, Missing Person Recovery, Political Surveillance, Surveillance
runs search software
managed by Delhi Police
used by Delhi Police
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Deployment Purpose: Surveillance, Crime Prevention, Political Surveillance, Missing Person Recovery



CityNew Delhi
Country India
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Description[ ]

the Delhi Police had acquired Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) software in March 2018 1

Following a Delhi High Court order in a case related to missing children, the Delhi Police had acquired Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) software in March 2018 as a tool to identify lost and found boys and girls by matching photos. 1

Sources said Delhi Police has so far created a photo dataset of over 1.5 lakh “history-sheeters” for routine crime investigation. Another dataset meant for monitoring sensitive public events has over 2000 images of terror suspects and — the latest addition — alleged “rabble-rousers and miscreants”. 1

For long, Delhi Police has been filming major protest events in the city. This footage is now being fed to AFRS which extracts “identifiable faces” of the protesters to its dataset. Once extracted, say sources, the lot is manually screened to identify and retain “habitual protesters” and “rowdy elements”. This dataset of “select protesters”, said sources, was put to use for the first time to keep “miscreants who could raise slogans or banners” out of the Prime Minister’s rally last Sunday. 1

Linked Database: Identification of missing children/persons, Unidentified Dead Bodies Database (UIDB), Aadhaar Database, Sarathi Database (Driving License), Voter ID Database Technology Partner: Innefu Labs Pvt. Ltd. 2


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