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Data Collection[edit | ]

Strategy[edit | ]

Researchers affiliated with the Security Vision project (refer to Credits section for details) have conducted systematic internet queries utilizing pertinent keywords associated with the central theme of the investigation (facial recognition, movement recognition, etc.) across different intervals from 2021 to 2024. The searches were conducted in Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish. Starting with initial results, researchers progressively expanded the research corpus through snowball sampling.

Categorization Strategy[edit | ]

The data categorization, encompassing factors such as deployment purpose, institution sector, and product technology type, evolved through an iterative process. Initially, categories were established for data collection. However, as new deployments were logged into the wiki, fresh categories naturally surfaced. Upon completion of data collection, all emergent categories underwent a thorough review. This revision aimed to eliminate duplicates and ensure coherence across the spectrum of identified categories. For a full description of the definitions retained for each category, refer to the full documentation in How to contribute II: Definitions and Conventions.

Participatory data collection[edit | ]

After the initial launch of the Security Vision Database, the data is collected through participatory contributions, similarly to Wikipedia. To ensure accuracy and reliability of the information, all submissions are reviewed by Security Vision.

Referencing[edit | ]

All the information contained in this wiki can be traced back to its original source. All references are indicated in the pages, and collected in a Zotero library accessible here.