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What data is there?[edit | ]

The data collected here is based on original research carried out by Security Vision researchers on openly accessible documents over a period of several months from 2021 to 2024. It also contains data collected by several citizen initiatives such as Technopolice or Atlas of Surveillance. We reference all the sources we used, so all the data can be traced. References are indicated on each deployment page and stored in a group library on Zotero which is publicly accessible online. You can find a detailed guide on how we collected data and how we organized it in the database here.

What are unknowns and uncertains?[edit | ]

We did our best to collect the most complete information on each aspect of the security vision deployments, but sometimes, the information is just unknown. Either because it's secret, unavailable, inaccessible or just not public. In all the cases in which we encountered missing information, we marked this information as unknown. Similarly, we acknowledge that not all parts of the dataset are equally well documented. Some data points are certain, some are rumors, and some are just speculation based on available data. For each of these cases, we mark the entries clearly as such.

Can I see the dataset in a visual form?[edit | ]

We have worked to represent our dataset in at least two different forms: in a 3 dimensional graph, and in a geographical map. Each of the visualizations is interactive and allows to create your own journey through the data. We have made sure that the data visualization also represents our concern with incomplete data, and in both visualizations we represent it differently.

What is the purpose of this project?[edit | ]

While the researchers who have contributed to this wiki are academic researchers, the objective is to provide and present information that can be useful for the public debate on the uses of AI technologies in the field of security. For this reason, everyone is encouraged to contribute.

How can I contribute?[edit | ]

The database is structured as a wiki, which contains both structured data (with a limited number of choices) and descriptive, open text. Everyone is welcome to contribute, editing existing records or adding new ones. In order to meet the standards of academic research, all contributions need to based on published information and are submitted to a review procedure. If this is the first time you are editing this wiki, please make sure you read the Help:Getting Started on how to import text, quote references and other important rules to follow in order to keep a tidy and coherent wiki.

Who created the database?[edit | ]

The database has been developed by the team of Security Vision, a research project funded by the European Research Council and based in Leiden University's Institute of Political Science. See more on the credits page about the exact participants.

How to cite?[edit | ]

You are welcome to cite the Security Vision Wiki as a source for your research. Please use the following format: "Article Title", The Security Vision Wiki, Security Vision, DATE, Accessible at URL. For example: “Living Lab International Zone”, The Security Vision Wiki, Security Vision, 01/09/2024, Accessible at https://www.securityvision.io/wiki/index.php/Living_Lab_International_Zone.