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Summary[edit | ]

This page collects all the best practices in order to keep a coherent and tidy wiki. It is important that these rules are followed to avoid discrepancies or problems in the future. If your contribution doesn't adhere to these rules, it will be not be accepted and you will be asked to revise your entry.

The wiki's definitions and conventions[edit | ]

It's great that you want to participate to increasing our knowledge about Security Vision technologies. But in order to have reliable data, we need to follow a strict protocol on how to collect, enter and document the data of our wiki. Generally speaking, you will be asked to fill in two kinds of information in this wiki.

  • The first is factual information: name of a company, of a product, the address of a deployment. It is important to be as accurate as possible, and to make sure that all this information can be traced back to the source where you found it (read more below on how to reference information).
    • For factual information, it will be important to familiarize yourself with the data entry conventions we adopted in the wiki. There are many ways to enter data, but if we all enter it in the same way, there are no duplicates and we can retrieve information easily.
  • The second type of information is metadata, i.e. data about the data, or ways to "label" our data. In this wiki, there are three main "metadata" kinds of information.
    • Deployment purpose (in the Deployment Category), which characterizes the purpose of a specific security vision deployment (i.e. Crowd Management, or Border Control).
    • Product technology type (in the Products Category), which defines the kind of technology used (Facial Recognition, Emotion Recognition, etc.)
    • Institution type and sector (in the Institutions Category), which differentiates for example companies from governments or universities.

You can always find the list of conventions and definitions in the page How to contribute IV: Definitions and Conventions.

Distinguishing quotations and original text[edit | ]

Because much of the information that is stored in this wiki will potentially be used in academic articles, it is paramount that a clear distinction is made between what is copy/pasted from other references (quotations) and what is original text written by one of the contributors to the wiki. In order to distinguish the two, the following simple formatting should be followed.

Original text[edit | ]

Original text appears without any specific formatting, as in this sentence.

Copy/pasted material[edit | ]

All copy/pasted material should be formatted as "Block Quote". This can be achieved in two ways

  • In the visual editor (when clicking "edit"), chose the text that you just copy pasted, select "Paragraph" and in the drop down menu chose "block quote". Then "Save page..." in the upper right corner. The test should appear as follows:
  • Alternatively, in the regular editor ("edit source") or in the form editor ("edit form") include the copy/pasted text within the following codes: <blockquote> </blockquote> Then "Save page..." in the upper right corner. In either cases, the text should appear as follows:

The Face Recognition Technology (FERET) dataset was thus created with $6.5 million of funding from the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to provide researchers the data they required to make progress in the field. In 15 photography sessions of the same set up between August 1993 and July 1996, images were collected in a semi-controlled environment

How to cite sources[edit | ]

When adding information in original text, or through copy/pasted material, every entry in the wiki should be referenced. References are all stored in the shared Zotero database. Because there is currently no direct way to connect the wiki to Zotero, this connection has to be made manually. Here are the steps that should be taken:

1. Import or find the reference in Zotero.[edit | ]

This step is simple, and can be done manually or through the Zotero picker installed in your browser. Check that the reference is not already imported in Zotero, if it is, skip to step 3. Please note the possible scenarios:

General reference (general article, book, web source)[edit | ]

  • Make sure to sort it in the appropriate category under "Academic References".

Reference to document an entity (person, institution, dataset, event, technology)[edit | ]

  • Make sure to sort it under the approrpriate categoy in the "Bookmarks + Wiki Entitites folder"
  • Create one folder per entity

2. Create and pin a Better BibTeX Citation Key[edit | ]

Once a refernce is created in Zotero, you will need to create a unique identification key for this reference. This key will then be imported in the wiki.

  1. Make sure that the fields "Author", "Title" and "Year" are correctly and accurately entered for your reference.
  2. Zotero's Better BibTeX add-on will automatically generate a Citation Key, which you will see in the right pane. The citation key is generated on the basis of the fields "Author", "Title" and "Year". Unless the citation is "pined" changing these fields will change the key. We want to avoid that, we must thus lock the citation key.
  3. You can do that by "Pinning" that Citation Key in Zotero. Right click the citation in Zotero, in the drop down menu chose "Better BibTeX", then "Pin BibTeX key". A red pin will then appear next to your citation key.

3. Use the citation key to reference text in the Wiki[edit | ]

Copy the BibTeX citation key from Zotero. Now go back to your wiki page were you want to create a reference. You can do one of the following:

  • In the visual editor (when clicking "edit"), chose the link icon (between A and "Cite") and type (be carefull, it is case sensitive): "CiteRef::" followed by the citation key you copied from Zotero. Click "Done". Click "Save page..." or "Save changes..." in the upper right corner.
  • In the regular editor (when clicking "edit source"), you can just add the reference with the curent syntax: [[CiteRef::''CitationKey'']]

4. Automatic formatting of the reference[edit | ]

When you save your page, one or two things will happen to your reference.

  • If the Zotero original reference has already been imported into the Wiki, your citation should automatically be formatted as a footnote, with a full reference.
  • If the Zotero original reference has not yet been imported into the Wiki, it will appear as a footnote and the Citation key in bold/italic. You can leave it like that. The next time the Zotero library is updated in the Wiki, it will be automatically updated.

Done reading? Move to How to contribute II: Creating a New Deployment for a hands-on example of how to enter data in this wiki.