Smart Video Surveillance in the Bryansk region

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Smart Video Surveillance in the Bryansk region
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Deployment Status Ongoing
Deployment Start Date
Deployment End Date
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Start (1 July 2021, Speculative, , No description)

City Bryansk
Country Russia
Involved Entities
Technology Deployed Netris CCTV Platform City Edition
Information Certainty Documented
Primary sources 1
Datasets Used Bezopasniy Gorod (Safe City)
Deployment Type Surveillance, Traffic Surveillance
runs search software
managed by Netris
used by Government of the Bryansk Region
Potentially used by
Information Certainty 0
Summary 0

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Deployment Purpose: Surveillance, Traffic Surveillance



Country Russia
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Description[ ]

In 2021 the smart surveillance system was implemented in the Bryansk region. The system has facial recognition features and can be connected to up to 1000 cameras.

Система интеллектуального видеонаблюдения с возможностью подключения до 1000 камер, модулем интеллектуальной видеоаналитики по распознаванию ГРЗ и ситуационной видеоаналитики. Система находится в стадии опытной эксплуатации. 2


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