Real-Time Crime Center used by Detroit Police Department

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Real-Time Crime Center used by Detroit Police Department
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Deployment Status Unknown
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City Detroit (MI)
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Keywords Real-Time Crime Center
Technology Deployed Unknown Real-Time Crime Center
Information Certainty Documented
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Deployment Type Crime Prevention, Surveillance, Traffic Surveillance
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used by Detroit Police Department
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Deployment Purpose: Surveillance, Traffic Surveillance, Crime Prevention



CityDetroit (MI)
Country USA
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Description[ ]

The Detroit Police Department opened its real-time crime center in 2016 . The RTCC accesses more than 500 cameras from at least 229 businesses through a program called "Project Green Light", where businesses agreed to pay for and install security cameras that feed directly into the RTCC. The Detroit Police Department also runs the Neighborhood Real-Time Intelligence Program—a $9 million initiative that uses local and federal traffic modernization funds to put high-definition cameras at various intersections in the neighborhoods. The DPD's RTCC also employs face recognition technology from DataWorks Plus and automated license plate readers. 1

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